Frequently asked questions of property managers

Benefits of Evorest

Why should me and my team start using Evorest as our solution for rental deposit accounts?

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Evorest is 100% digital and saves you time with every opening and closing of deposit accounts. Thanks to our highly automated digital tool, you enjoy paid-in rental deposits within 24h and live status updates. In addition, you receive an increased level of damage coverage compared to traditional rental deposits. Check the full list of benefits on our website here.

Could you explain the Evorest model to me and my colleagues?

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Yes, we are happy to give you an overview and a demo. Just book the demo here.

What are the downsides of using Evorest? Is there any risk for me and the property owners?

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There are only upsides and no risks attached to using Evorest. Even if an invested deposit falls below the paid-in amount, the property manager has no risk, since the tenant and in second priority Evorest guarantees the full paid-in deposit to the property owner.

Will my tenants enjoy using Evorest?

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Your tenant can experience a fully digital experience with the possibility to revive their formerly locked-up capital or just open a conventional deposit account. Evorest offers a superior deposit account compared to any existing solution.

Do we have to pay to use Evorest?

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No, the use of Evorest and its web-tool is completely free for property managers. Just sign up and use Evorest within minutes.

Evorest and its alternatives

How is Evorest different from rental deposit insurances?

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Evorest is not a rental deposit insurance. Tenants need to pay-in their deposit, but also have the chance to revive their locked-up deposit. For you as the property manager, you enjoy a fully digital process and can offer the same to tenants who choose a rental deposit over an insurance.

How is Evorest different from other conventional rental deposits offered by banks?

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Evorest is fully digital and offers efficiency gains compared to the conventional, paper-based rental deposits. Especially the account opening is much faster with Evorest than with conventional deposit accounts offered by banks. To see the full list of benefits, please check our website here.

Deposit opening process

How do I inform a new tenant that they should open a deposit account using Evorest?

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When you open the tenant account with Evorest, the tenant will be notified automatically via email. The tenant then signs the deposit contract electronically after which you receive a notification.

What if my tenant would like to receive the rental deposit contract on paper via post?

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Generally, we like to keep everything digital to make it most efficient for everyone. However, if your tenants insist to receive the contract physically via mail - no problem, the physical process of our Partner Hypothekarbank Lenzburg can be used. To achieve the full efficiency gains, we strongly recommend using the digital process.

Retrieving the deposit to cover a damage

How do I know that a rental deposit was paid-in or paid-out?

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In the Evorest tool you can see the current status of all your rental deposits. In addition, we send you an email notification of all major updates on your deposits.

The final viewing of a flat showed a damage which needs to be covered. What now?

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You can upload the documentation of the damage including the final invoice for the tenant onto our platform. You can then input how much money you keep and how much goes back to the tenant. You sign this agreement electronically and then send it to your tenant to be signed electronically as well. Once both signed, the deposit gets released and you can cover the damage.

How Evorest fits into your company

Can I connect the Evorest tool to my other digital platforms (e.g. ERPs, CRMs, …)?

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We offer easy integrations to the leading ERP systems in Switzerland. Alternatively, you can simply upload a CSV file with your property information. Just contact us to find out more.

What would it take to integrate Evorest into our property management agency?

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You can use Evorest without integration. It can be used as a web-tool and no installation is required - you only need to register and start using it.

How can I download the receipts for my tenants?

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You can view all documents for each rental deposit contract in our tool. You can also easily download them as a PDF.

You have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us

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